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Apart Wedding Arrangements Undertaken on Contract

Sri RMT Thirumanathagaval Maiyam also provides services like arranging marriage services like Kuthuvilakku, Flower Decoration, Aarthi, Catering Service, Orchestra, Mealam, Bridal Make-up, Light arrangements, Photo and Video arrangements and other amenities

  • Auspicious Musical Recital
  • Garlands as per Requirement
  • Seerpashanangal Required by both Parties
  • Angumani Items With Casing
  • Vaithekal Items
  • Sweet Lime Bags With Printed Covers - 400 Nos
  • Coconut Bags For Both Parties - 100 Nos
  • First Class Tiffin & Meals
  • Special Coffee
  • (Marriage) Hall Rangoli Arrangements
  • Aarthi & Pacchai Pudi Arrangements
  • Kudanthai BeetleLeaf & Rasiklal Beatle Nuts
  • Plantain Tree (Vazhai Maram)
  • Car Arrangements
  • Photographs and Video Coverage
  • Marriage Hall Cleaning Equipments
  • High Class Breakfast & Lunch